Thursday, April 2, 2009


Well, here goes. After much time spent mocking members of the blogging community, here I am. I recently started to tinker with HTML, CSS and general web design and became quite hooked. I find that learning all of the tags and attributes in the world, however, does not make one a good web designer. So I have created this blog as a means for me (hopefully) to network with and learn from those who have traveled further along the path of web design than I. As I progress I hope to be able to offer solid design techniques and tips. A side benefit to this, I guess, is that I will also refine my writing skills.

If anyone reads this, I guess I'll kick things off by asking about something that has had me wondering. I've taught myself quite a bit of HTML and CSS and even a bit of PHP, however, I know next to nothing about photoshop. It it necessary to be proficient in graphic design in order to produce high quality web sites?

That's all for this brief first entry. Talk at ya later!

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